The team at Insulet is here to make sure you get the information you need as we set up our direct operations, including distribution and customer care services in Europe.

As the developers and manufacturers of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System, we are committed to making the lives of people with diabetes easier. From 1st July 2018, Insulet will provide service and support for all Omnipod® System users in Europe. Until then, Ypsomed will continue to support you for all your product needs and serve as a point of contact for product enquiries.

Insulet’s customer support team in the US and Canada has already helped over 100,000 people who use the Omnipod® System every day. We pride ourselves on listening and supporting them every step of the way. We are now getting ready to provide that same service in Europe to make sure we stay connected to every one of our users.


Hear from Shacey Petrovic, Insulet’s President and Chief Operating Officer


We want to make sure you get the information you need. Here’s some of our frequently asked questions.

+Is the Omnipod® System the same product as the mylife™ Omnipod®?
Yes. The Omnipod® System is the same product as mylife™ Omnipod® and has always been manufactured by Insulet.
+How will this transition affect the supply of my Omnipod® products?
This transition will not affect the supply of your Omnipod® products. Insulet is committed to working closely with Ypsomed to ensure continuity of care for Omnipod® System users.
+Does my point of contact change?
No. Ypsomed will continue to operate as your point of contact during the transition period. You should continue to contact Ypsomed for any product enquiries or customer service needs.
+Whom should I speak to about any product issues?
Ypsomed will continue to operate as your point of contact during the transition period. Please continue to contact Ypsomed on the following numbers for any product enquiries or customer service needs:
  • Austria: (+43) 00800 55 00 00 00
  • France: (+33) 0800 883056
  • Germany: (+49) 0800 9776633
  • Italy: (+39) 0332 189 0607
  • Netherlands: (+31) 0800 9776633
  • Sweden: (+46) 020 612 200
  • Switzerland: (+41) 0800 44 11 44
  • UK: (+44) 0344 856 7820
  • General number for Ypsomed AG: (+41) 34 424 41 41

+Does this change how I order mylife™ OmniPod® products?
No. Ypsomed continues to be responsible for all mylife™ Omnipod® product orders. Users will be given advance notification of any changes to the ordering process to ensure continuity of care.
+How do I stay up to date with future developments for the Omnipod® System in Europe?
Insulet is committed to ensuring that all Omnipod® System users, healthcare professionals and payers are aware of the transition plan with plenty of notice so there is no disruption to services. Please make sure you sign up for the latest information and updates.


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Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD) is an innovative medical device company dedicated to making the lives of people with diabetes easier. Insulet seeks to expand the use of insulin pump therapy with its Omnipod® Insulin Management System among people with insulin-dependent diabetes. The Omnipod® System is a revolutionary and easy-to-use tubeless insulin pump that provides up to three days of non-stop insulin delivery, without the need to see or handle a needle. Insulet's Delivery Systems business partners with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to adapt the Omnipod® technology platform for the delivery of subcutaneous drugs across multiple therapeutic areas. Founded in 2000, Insulet Corporation is based in Billerica, Massachusetts.

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